Payment plans via direct debit are now available to use during the checkout process.
Simpley add your gowns to the basket (Wedding & Formal Only) and full in your details as you normally would.... then select the payment plan option!
This generates n order and provides you with an order number. No banking details are needed at this point.

You will receive a further THREE emails from us.
First email will display quotes of our 4,6 & 9 month plans along with the pricing of weekly/monthly amounts.... (these will have the 50% of the full cost deducted)
Once you have agreed your plan we will email an invoice to pay your 50% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.
The last email will be from our provider GoCardless whom will take your details to set up your direct debit.
Divine Style Fashion Ltd DOES NOT hold any banking details.

E.g of a 6 month plan
A dress costing £799 on a 6 month, monthly plan will require a deposit of £399.50.

The remaining £399.50 will be split into 6 monthly instalments of £66.58 and a final payment of £66.60!

*We do request that you get professional measurements of your body to ensure a correct fitting of our gowns.! *

Should a dress not fit we can only give a refund for the money you paid (not the deposit) on return of a dress (as you are well aware these gowns do lose there retail value the moment they leave the warehouse)

**We are unable to exchange for alternative sizes as a further payment would be needed for our supplier to enable us to get an additional dress. And we incur a restocking fee of around £30 per dress from our supplier. So this wouldn’t be beneficial for us.

We DO give refunds e.g below
£799 dress - £399.50 is your Non Refundable deposit which enables us to secure your dress and size.
5 Monthly instalments of £66.58 (you will also recieve your dress by the 5th Payment.
Final Payment of £66.60.....
IF you wish to return your dress a refund of only £399.50 can be given. 
You will lose the other £399.50. 
This Policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.